A female at the age of 25 was arrested on the 28th of December 2014 at Agathis area in Port Vila.

This suspect was arrested by the police in Port Vila for Intentional Homicide to her new born baby boy.

The incident occurred on the 18th of December 2014 when the suspect gave birth at her six months of pregnancy and wrapped her baby with a towel which causes the death of the baby.

The suspect was arrested and remanded at the correctional centre until 12 January 2015 to appear before the court.

Police is advising the citizens of this country not to involve in such criminal actions of killing new born babies because it’s against the law. In the olden days such actions is unknown in our country but lately it began to increase and most young females were involved.

Secondly, female youth are strongly advice to think before deciding to sex.  It is a matter of responsibility but not leisure.

These actions might have happened because the mother cannot survive with the baby but killing the baby is not an answer to solve the problem.

Police quoted as saying ‘If you cannot look after a baby then you should stop having sex until you are ready to be a responsible mother and also fine a partner who can support you in the near future.

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