An Affair That Lead To The Alleged Abuse of Power


WHEN MRS. TOM (not her real name) traveled out of Vanuatu, without her husband’s knowledge, on 28 November 2014 to Fiji her genuine active passport was lying in a safety storage at her husband’s workplace. And when Mr. Tom (not his real name) could not find his wife, he followed up on some suspicious activities that he had encountered. He later found out that his wife had ‘illegally’, as he put it, traveled to Fiji (She is originally from Fiji). Also, further investigations revealed the existence of a second active passport under the same name but with two different dates of birth; a year and a month apart. 

Passport Copies in Color Copies of the first and second active passport.

In Mr. Tom’s investigations he discovered that her travelling was assisted by several public servants. Mr. Tom, who works for a government statutory body in Vanuatu, was left to look…

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