by Jean-Baptiste CALO

The utility company responsible for the water concession in Port-VIla, Unelco Vanuatu has officially announced last week a 6% decrease of the water price per cubic metre compared to 2014.

press release 2015 8 28 Water price decrease article-3.pdfFrom VT 62.9 per cubic metre in July 2014,  the water price has dropped by 6 % to VT 59.2 per cubic metre in July 2015.

The water price has been reduced several times during the last three years.

In 2012, the tarif was at a bit more than VT 64 per cubic metre and was decreased by 1% in 2013.

From 2013 to 2014 , another reduction of 2% on the water price per cubic was implemented by Unelco Vanuatu in the Port-VIla water concession.

In 2014, the water price has gradually decreased and reached VT 62.9 per cubic metre in mid 2013.

And the latest and more consequent decrease of 6% of the water tariff has been implemented in July 2015.

The current price of the water is now at VT 59.2 per cubic meter.

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