PM SALWAI Spoke with President Fritch about Van2017 boycott by French Polynesia

by Jean-Baptiste CALO

A few hours after his arrival in Rome, where he went for a meeting with the Pope, the President of the government of French Polynesia, Edward Fritch met with the Vanuatu Prime Minister, Charlot Salwai  on Thursday.
2017-11-09- PR PM Vanuatu (2).jpg

President of the government of French Polynesia (left) explaining to the Vanuatu Prime Minister, Charlot Salwai (right)  in Rome- Italy, why the their athletes won’t participate to the Vanuatu 2017 Mini Games. (Photo by Présidence de la Polynésie Française
Service de la communication)

Mr Salwai is also present in Italy, for the same meeting, along with leaders of other Pacific Islands Forum member countries.

On this occasion, Prime Minister Salwai and President Fritch mainly talked about why the sports federations of French Polynesia decided to boycott the Vanuatu Mini Games which will be held next month in Port-Vila.
President Fritch told the Vanuatu Prime Minister that he was distressed by the decision and the stubbornness of the Games Council not to take into account French Polynesia’s regulations in the field of sport, particularly  in relation to the registration by the Games Council of a federation which cannot represent the country because it is not a delegate entity of the public service.
In this regard, the Prime Minister of Vanuatu indicated that persons participating in such sporting events should actually be selected by recognized federations in their respective country.

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